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Here at SingsBlinds, we help you raise above the rest in a crowded world with our DESIGN solutions. We take a consultative approach to developing the right solution for you. SingsBlinds listen to you and develop solutions that meet your requirements for image, communication, and durability.

We offer complete range of products for you to choose from regardless of your budget. Upon contacting us one of our trained professional staff will speak with you to assess your needs.

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Whatever your reasons for purchasing a commercial canopy or awning, there are more products and solutions available than ever before.


We provide high quality electric retractable awnings to provide you with a relaxing peaceful retreat, transparent glass garden rooms to allow you a panoramic view of your garden from a high-quality glass structure, waterproof all-weather awnings to cope with the unpredictable British weather.


We offer a wide range of made to order retractable awnings, all built to an extremely high standard to withstand water, wind and prolonged exposure to the sun – perfect for commercial use.

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Powerful exterior signage is the key to winning the highly competitive battle for positioning and standout.

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Whether it is your bedroom, living room, office or conservatory, our blind collection has an option to suit any window in any room.

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Invest in our retractable fabric awning our awnings combine functional excellence with decorative appeal.

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SingsBlinds can offer a complete range of products from galvanised steel to aluminium and brick bond slotted shutters.

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Let us accurately quote you on your project to avoid from fees arising whilst the project has started.


Final step is to install your job and ensure you are happy with the end product. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

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